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What is Evidence-Based Teaching?

Like Evidence-Based Medicine, Evidence-Based Teaching uses methods which have been thoroughly tested and proven to be effective.

Teachers can make a huge difference to their students' learning. Using evidence will have a direct impact on grades.

What is the Evidence-Based Teacher's Toolkit?

Making evidence accessible.
While there is a lot of good evidence available, much of it is hidden in academic journals and books. 'The Evidence-Based Teacher’s Toolkit' presents this evidence in accessible and practical ways for teachers.

Training materials

  1. The Evidence-Based Teacher’s Top Ten Methods DVD
    Shows thetop ten methods in action and clips from real classrooms.

  2. Learning from Good Lessons DVD
    A look at three Ofsted Outstanding lessons from an evidence-based pouint of view

  3. How Brains Learn DVD
    Using the latest research, this video explains, in a jargon-free and accessible way, how the brain learns, and why some students find learning difficult.

  4. How Brain's Learn eBook
    As above but eBook version

  5. A 15 minute free video: "The case for Evidence-Based Teaching"
    An introduction to Evidence-Based Teaching

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